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DVD-based support to assist UNISA CTA students

NSOA was the first company in South Africa to offer a DVD-based support programme specifically for UNISA CTA students. Since the initial launch of the programme in 2010, the programme has been enhanced and improved upon every year, and our current collection of 30 DVDs, totaling over 110 hours of support, has become the preferred choice of study support for an increasing number of CTA students – spread all over Southern Africa.  In 2016 alone over 600 students made use of this invaluable resource.

If used properly, they can save you a significant amounts of time whilst heightening your understanding of the topics.


  • Own high quality, comprehensive coverage of your syllabus.
  • Understand complex concepts quickly and easily.
  • DVDs are focused exclusively on the UNISA CTA course material.
  • Stay focused and motivated during your studies.
  • Content is recorded by 4 super-experienced CTA level lecturers (with an accumulation of over 40 years of lecturing at CTA level among them!).
  • Access your material whenever you want, pausing or reviewing as many times as you need.

Also available in addition to the set of DVDs are the following support options:

  1. Enjoy exclusive, online access to our dynamic lecture team via the Student Zone including receiving weekly guidance from your lecturers about each upcoming study week.
  2. Students can write 20 control tests (1 test on each of the 5 subjects leading up to each of the 4 UNISA tests) that are targeted at the weekly tut letters students work through. The tests give students a fantastic opportunity to measure their learning at the end of every study week as well as giving students something to work towards every week. These practice tests are set up by our DVD lecture team and students send their tests through to us for marking and feedback.
  3. CTA 2 Students can participate in live weekly tutorial webinars (1 webinar per subject per test cycle – 20 in total!) where your lecturer will take you through assignment questions and how best to answer them.  These webinars will run in the relevant study weeks that you are working through those tutorial letters.  Webinars will also be recorded and students will have access to these recordings in the evnet they wish to review a webinar or if they missed a webinar.
  4. Students can also subscribe to our year-end revision webinars.  Through a series of 15 webinars, run over 5 weeks from mid-August to mid-September, lecturers will take students through high level summaries of the syllabus, emphasizing areas of importance and giving helpful tips regarding revision.  These webinars are also recorded and made available to our students.

Download the 2017 Brochure

The 2017 support interventions overview can be watched above…

Watch some highlights from past DVD recordings

Click here to register for your 2017 study support

Should you have any questions or require any more information, please contact Sally Urbach on 031 261 1074 or sally@nsoa.co.za.


2017 Fees will be set out in the DVD Brochure (follow the link to the brochure above or below)

2016 saw a change in approach from us regarding the DVDs and the pricing thereof.  We have made the DVDs a lot more affordable and then provided you with additional options which you can select or not, depending on your study needs.

The base price for the FULL set of DVDs in 2017 (including the study technique DVD) is
ONLY R2 350 (inclusive of VAT and postage!)

Students can then choose the additional elements of support that they wish to use.  You don’t even have to order the DVDs to be able to subscribe to the optional extras!

Students can request tax invoices from us should their employers / sponsors be responsible for their fees and should they be able to claim VAT back on their purchase. Should students require this, they need to send us a letter from their employer / sponsor acknowledging their intent to pay the fees, and including full billing details (including the VAT registration number).

Should students wish to purchase DVDs for only certain selected modules, or should they be outside of South Africa, please email Sally to obtain the cost before placing your order. Costs will be dependent on the number of modules required as well as the students location.

Download the 2017 Brochure (which includes the fee structures)

Please note:

While there are still a few “new” topics for CTA 2, the vast majority of the syllabus is now common to both levels.  For this reason, we no longer split the level 2 and level 1 content into 2 different series of DVDs.  The full CTA 2 syllabus will now be made available to all students (CTA 1 and 2).  This is beneficial to the CTA 1 students in that the DVDs they purchase will stand them in stead for both their CTA 1 and 2 studies.

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